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Laminine is an extract taken from fertilized eggs.  It is only a nutritional supplement.

However it provides a nutrient that I believe we all used to have in our diet (fertilized

eggs) but which our food chain no longer provides.  The nutrition that this

extract provides has dramatically changed people's health for the better (see links below).


I am writing about it because it helped me accomplish something with my health

and stamina that I had almost given up on completely.

I have been using Laminine, taking one regular caplet a day, for two months now. 

At first I noticed that it seemed to be flushing out toxins.  I could almost feel my chest gland

healing (the one that handles T Cells). 


Then I had touches of energy here and there. 


The REALLY BIG difference that showed up this week (the second week in Nov 2012),

is that I am able to jog - and start to run - something that I've wanted to do for

nearly twenty years, but never felt well enough to do.


I will add that I also tweaked my diet - and this is not part of taking Laminine but I do have to

mention it as part of what I did for myself.  I felt it was necessary, to feel clean enough inside

to run without feeling all slogged down. So I stopped eating store ground beef and

switched to organic cheese, farmers market chicken, turkey, eggs and fish for my protein.

I am primarily a Paleo eater: no processed foods, but that wasn�t good enough.  I had

to make my diet something that my body could easily digest, and also take the Laminine.

On Laminine: There are a LOT of testimonials on this supplement. Peter Glickman, who

introduced me to it, has an entire page of references.  Please look around.

When you are ready to try it, please use my link here as it helps me.  If you decide

to become a distributor, email me and I have a link for that too.

I have tried a bazillion different supplements and still take quite a few, but this is the

only one that has actually put my health over the top of the resistance so I could run again.



UPDATE!  December 10, 2012: This night I jogged almost twenty minutes without stopping.

For anyone that tried to start running after growing up this is HUGE! I am so happy.  I will be

in those races for sure!

I am keeping a little history blog page here:

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