Nikki Futures
Riding the forward edge of reality


I love collections of short stories. My Best 2012 Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories by Nikki Futures was entertaining and thoughtful.  Christina Moss, author of the INTWINE Saga.

The creativity and imagination with which these stories are written makes them fascinating. The author also has a way of writing so as to make the reader feel he is right there with the characters and that what's happening with them is real. Also, her style brings you close to the characters so you feel you know them and what they're thinking. I really enjoyed this collection and recommend it highly.  Daveda Lamont, author of The Way of the Eagle.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book of fantastic science fiction tales. Nikki Futures has the ability to weave the mundane world into the fantastic. Or perhaps she is weaving the fantastic into the mundane world. Either way, her stories invite you in and hold your interest until the end. One of my favorite stories featured telepathic mini panthers. That story begs for more. Please. Another followed a dead man trying to find his way to--where? And lastly, what can a race of mentally advanced beings do when slaver ships arrive to enslave their people? You will find out when you read this wonderful collection. I heartily recommend this book. Jack Thompson, author of The Color of Greed.