The hunt continues….

I am seeking a rational explanation for the planetary magnetic field, the pole shift, the existence of “hot spots” (Hawaii is formed from a hot spot, and Yellowstone is over a hot spot), the probability of the Coriolis Effect* also existing in the mantle (the molten metal part of the planetary layers), and how the core generates a magnetic field.  Here are links that have helped me understand this, so Sage Goddard can explain it to you in the story!

*Coriolis Effect: This is what happens to the winds and anything thrown for a long distance.  Because the planet is spinning, anything launched or air flowing over the planet will curve in a “backwards” direction from your perspective on the surface.  The winds are remaining stationary while the planet rotates and thus their path of travel curves backwards.  I have a link here for this too.

The Coriolis Effect and what it does and  looks like.

Why planet Earth bulges at the equator.

A good diagram of the Winds and their flow patterns.

Is Earth’s Core made of Iron-Nickel crystals?

And for a few reminders to myself.  I’ve added some “force” links.

Now I am one of those people who has “two rights”. Ha ha ha.  Only funny when you have lots of time to get lost!  So, to help remember some “rules” of electrical and other forces here are some videos:

The Amazing Right Hand Rule

The Left Hand Rule – negative electronics, N, to positive, S.

Ha! I love teaching videos – Torque and Moment of Inertia Part 1



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