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Meanwhile, here is an update I posted today and I’m sharing now with my word press page:

For the record, one part of the story setting is the layout of the various geological layers and fault lines in the So Cal area. Part of this is the revelation of the fact that the LA Basin is underlain with aquifers: layers of rock or sediment that hold water. Further these layers go well out to sea until they drop off and salt water filters back into the aquifers. Here is an article from the US Geological Survey talking about how the salt water is actually compromising the Los Angeles fresh water. Not spoken about much in this year of drought it may be more relevant. In my story California uses this ocean-land water exchange as a method of balancing pressures at the Fault Line, and who knows, that may be true!

Camarillo is on Fire and Sage has an idea

The morning after the night that I decide that my character Sage will go for a bike ride in the Camarillo hills, I wake to find that the Camarillo hills are on fire! Bummer.

I wish the best for Camarillo! It has become a second home for me as I spend so much of my creative time following my character as he goes to work, walks past the fields, plans for a rave in the park and now goes for a ride.

Sage is going into the hills to try a spiritual experiment. He is going to lay down and perceive to the depths of Mother Earth in order to feel what is happening with the layers and the land. He has ideas about what causes and prevents earthquakes and he wants to use his awareness to give him inspiration.

This is fun. In the process of exploring this subject I postulated that there were sandy flows of salt water deep into the layers of the continental shelf. I just found supporting data that Los Angeles planners  have to figure out how to block the incursion of salt water into the Los Angeles Aquifir!

So we are right on the nose here.

Anyway, for now we don’t see rain any time soon, but it should be cooling off!

Los Angeles Aquifer and Salt Water

Sun, Planets and Earthquakes – 4MIN NEWS

This is interesting, this researcher has been demonstrating that the Sun magnetic fields and the planetary alignments directly affect earthquake frequency on our planet.  This is very close to what I am using in my book–what Sage Goddard is researching as well.

These news reports are every few days, very interesting.  You can set up a google alert for when they are issued by looking for “4MIN NEWS”.

Here is his most recent report as I write this:



Please share any of your own observations!

I will be writing again soon. Yeas!

Antartictica Ice Core Data Proves Cyclic Ice Age Periods

I find it amazing that someone can look at the graph of temperatures from the past as revealed by the Vostok Ice Core data and not notice that planet Earth has been in a warming period for several hundred years…and that we are on the edge of a 20,000 year cooling period.

In earlier posts I have pulled the research that shows WHY there are ice ages, but now I need to point out that between now and 20,000 years from now, North America will go from current temperatures to being Half Under Glacier like it was before. 

We had better figure out how to farm in freezing cold temperatures or move our entire civilization to a different area.  And who knows?  Maybe all those ruins that are 10-12,000 years old were abandoned for the same reason? That time due to Global Warming circa back then. 

Here is a good graph of the temperature research.  Note t hat it was hotter 130,000 years ago than it is now, but our time for warmpth is over:

Antarctic Ice Core Data 1

I see that a number of web sites have skewed their findings in deference to the planetary warming committees to threaten that our current CO2 levels may override planetary influences: but, Seriously?  Not a chance.  I agree that we need to reduce our carbon fuel dependence if only because it is polluting, but I do not agree that the planet is going to change it’s orbit due to man, at this time.  Jupiter is the one that pulls our orbit out of shape and ultimately lays in the final third cause of why it is going to get darn cold around here.

It is already happening.  I have lived in LA County my entire life.  I have never seen consistent lows in the 30s and 40s for months on end, like this November, December and now January 2013.

Have a nice day!

The hunt continues….

I am seeking a rational explanation for the planetary magnetic field, the pole shift, the existence of “hot spots” (Hawaii is formed from a hot spot, and Yellowstone is over a hot spot), the probability of the Coriolis Effect* also existing in the mantle (the molten metal part of the planetary layers), and how the core generates a magnetic field.  Here are links that have helped me understand this, so Sage Goddard can explain it to you in the story!

*Coriolis Effect: This is what happens to the winds and anything thrown for a long distance.  Because the planet is spinning, anything launched or air flowing over the planet will curve in a “backwards” direction from your perspective on the surface.  The winds are remaining stationary while the planet rotates and thus their path of travel curves backwards.  I have a link here for this too.

The Coriolis Effect and what it does and  looks like.

Why planet Earth bulges at the equator.

A good diagram of the Winds and their flow patterns.

Is Earth’s Core made of Iron-Nickel crystals?

And for a few reminders to myself.  I’ve added some “force” links.

Now I am one of those people who has “two rights”. Ha ha ha.  Only funny when you have lots of time to get lost!  So, to help remember some “rules” of electrical and other forces here are some videos:

The Amazing Right Hand Rule

The Left Hand Rule – negative electronics, N, to positive, S.

Ha! I love teaching videos – Torque and Moment of Inertia Part 1



More research – Plate Tetonics – actual NASA maps – and Theory

Here is a NASA map of which direction the plates are moving – important to my theoretical proposal by Sage Goddard in his class. Luckily my research is proving out my theory! (Ahem, his theory).

The Nasa Plate Mapping Graph


Here is a Place Holder for a video I found – the one I am keeping track of is Number 48 from a series of 85 from KhanAcademy, talking about how convection makes the plates move. You may have to search to number 48 or specifically search the title “Plates Moving Due to Convection in Mantle”. You Tube has the series. I don’t want to lose track of it.

Number 50 is “Compositional and Mechanical Layers of the Earth”. Also important to my theory.