Doing the Research!

I have spent a fascinating week researching the ice ages, the magnetic pole flip and earthquake patterns. See, total geek, that’s me! But my theory is shaping up. It is amazing how much work a few pages of a book can be! The good news is that I enjoy every minute of it.

If anyone wants to follow along, the best reports I have found are here:

Confirmed! Orbital Cycles Control Ice Ages

Climate change Past and Future

And one You Tube video that was very well done:

Earths Precession and what is 12-21-12 really about

So, Sage, my main character, is putting all this together into his theory.  Which is secret!


Talk to you all later!  Nikki





Hello Readers and Fans!


Hello Readers, Visitors and Fans:

This is my first official “blog” – web log entry – as Nikki Futures on the log section of my web site.

I will be leaving musings here and questions for any to respond to regarding my past work or current works.  I have a Facebook page as well for comments but not everyone wants to use Facebook.

But if you wish please go to and give me a “Like”, leave a comment and add yourself to the list of people who want to receive my comments.

I will work out how to tie this to that, and visa-versa.  But we will start with co-posts until I find a widget that does both!