Creativity — how to revive!

Here is some advice I gave to a friend of mine who wanted to develop her creativity, but felt like she’d lost it:


I have learned a lot from literally deciding to be a writer. I picked writing out of all the arts because in the end I felt that I had the best chance of positively influencing the most people…but it has been a total learning curve from the beginning.

I always had ideas, but now I take my grubby little hand and start to hold that monster pencil (how it felt, like I was in Kindergarten), and put words on paper to describe my ideas.


Just doing it and doing it and doing it and I taught myself.


Then I read a lot of books on the “technique” of writing stories and adjusted my stories.


Then I buried myself in grammar and went from no commas, to too many commas, to somewhere in between. I hope. LOL


My ideas got bigger and bigger to now I have enough for several novels and characters to boot!


So treat yourself like you are your own child, let yourself try and make mistakes, go to some classes, explore–create!

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