Camarillo is on Fire and Sage has an idea

The morning after the night that I decide that my character Sage will go for a bike ride in the Camarillo hills, I wake to find that the Camarillo hills are on fire! Bummer.

I wish the best for Camarillo! It has become a second home for me as I spend so much of my creative time following my character as he goes to work, walks past the fields, plans for a rave in the park and now goes for a ride.

Sage is going into the hills to try a spiritual experiment. He is going to lay down and perceive to the depths of Mother Earth in order to feel what is happening with the layers and the land. He has ideas about what causes and prevents earthquakes and he wants to use his awareness to give him inspiration.

This is fun. In the process of exploring this subject I postulated that there were sandy flows of salt water deep into the layers of the continental shelf. I just found supporting data that Los Angeles planners  have to figure out how to block the incursion of salt water into the Los Angeles Aquifir!

So we are right on the nose here.

Anyway, for now we don’t see rain any time soon, but it should be cooling off!

Los Angeles Aquifer and Salt Water

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